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Rensselaer Amtrak Station

SRG’s Team performed an initial feasibility study of a 640-acre site surrounding the existing Amtrak Station to upgrade and expand the facility into a modern Intermodal Transportation Center for the Capital District.  The new, 67,000 SF multi-purpose terminal, including an 850-car Parking District and Herrick Street Bridge replacement, connects CDTA city bus service, express jitneys to downtown Albany and the Albany International Airport.  Although the regional bus carriers do not have scheduled stops at the new station, bus gates and an at-grade lobby are in place for charters and excursions.  It houses ticket reservation service, rent-a car, restaurant and specialty retail services and the new Rensselaer Post Office.  CDTA commissioned SRG’s Team to implement the design and redevelopment of the Amtrak Station.


Rensselaer, NY





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