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Upstate Veterinary Specialties

The Upstate Veterinary Specialties represents a design/build effort to construct a new regional animal hospital and surgical facility.  The two-story, 24,000 SF building was designed for specific medical specialties and surgical suites, along with MRI, X-ray and future cat scan.  The building is also planned and site plan approved for an additional 6,000 SF for a conference center to be used by facility doctors to educate veterinarians in advances in animal medicine.  SRG has been subsequently commissioned to perform D/B services for 16,000 SF of additions and interior renovations to the new building for additional surgical suites, etc


Latham, NY


2015 (New Building)

2020 (Addition)


$4,470,000 (New Building)

$9,000,000 (Addition)

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