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Schenectady Floor Covering

The derelict two-story 1930’s reinforced concrete industrial structure was heavily polluted with oil, solvents and debris when SRG encouraged the owners of Schenectady Floor Covering to renovate this industrial artifact rather than other “clean” pre-engineered buildings being considered as part of their relocation site purchase on Maxon Road.  The high poured concrete floor plates, supported by massive mushroom concrete columns, once the non-bearing infill block walls had been replaced with floor to ceiling glazing, provide a light-filled industrial chic showroom.  

Schenectady Floor Covering’s expansion provides a customer conference area, ample display areas for all floor finish products, and increased storage for inventory.  It has also afforded them increased visibility and sales.  The lower level will be leased to related specialty suppliers.


Schenectady, NY





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